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Watch your Home Or Office From Anywhere! Use your iPhone, iPad, Android & more! Free Download


Use your iPhone, iPad, Android & more!

Visec is the Easiest to Use, and Fastest Surveillance Software supporting
  IP cameras    Analog Cameras    Capture cards     Web cameras     No Monthly Fees

VISEC turns any computer into a Powerful Video Surveillance System

  • Use your existing computer (Windows 98, XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Server)
  • Supports web camera, wireless, spy camera, ip cameras such as AXIS, Arecont IQ, ACTI, Panasonic, Airlink, Aviosys, Connectec, Dlink, Genius, EVo, Gadspot, Intellinet, I-VIEW NETMEDIA, Linksys,NetSnap, Mobotix, Panasonic, Pixord, Raytalk, Sweex, Toshiba, Trendnet, Vision Tech,Vivotek and generic support for standard mjpeg. capture cards, USB capture devices and more.)

  • Be Notified to your cell phone via sms or mms, home or office via email when motion is detected
  • Visec will record all video or when motion is detected, and even alert you to your phone or pda with a picture.
  • Log in from anywhere in the world, including your cell phone to see live or past video.
  • Support up to 8 separate monitors (drag cameras on up to 8 monitors and control PTZ on different monitors at the same time)
  • IP camera PTZ Support
  • No Monthly Fees
  • Easy to use – Installs in minutes



Easy to use NVR, ip, CCTV Surveillance Software
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With VISEC you can keep an eye on everything you ever wanted without spending a fortune.

Keep an eye on your home, office, cars, and valuables. Watch your pets. Watch your kids. Keep an eye on your nanny or babysitter. Best of all you can do this from any location in the world via the Internet! VISEC is designed to be highly configurable and can even be used as a stealth surveillance system, allowing the program to operate secretly with just a few mouse clicks. And did we mention that Visec is extremely easy to use, installation and configuration will take only 5 minutes, even at a novice or newbie’s hands. All that for just a fraction of a regular security system price.

Visec will turn your computer into a POWERFUL SECURITY SYSTEM in 5 minutes or less.

Visec Teams up with I-VIEW NETMEDIA for a total surveillance kit

Visec the First Video Surveillance Software Company to offer QR Code in a Surveillance Application

11-9-11- Visec is the first company in the world to support rapid Quick Response (QR) Code reading and decoding directly from an analog or IP camera stream with no additional software or scanners to buy. As long as the QR code is visible, the Visec® software module can decode it from a surveillance camera stream, log the results, and perform a programmable function based on the readings. (read full story)


Never Miss Any Detail Again
Visec Supports The latest in High Definition Imagery with up to 5 megapixels of image
size. Thats about 15 times the standard size of a camera

Arecont Camera at
1920 x 1200 running
Visec NVR Software

Sample Night Shot
From Av3130
Visec NVR Software

MegaPixel Camera at 1920 x 1200 running Visec NVR Software

Arecont Megapixel camera 1920 x 1080 running Visec NVR Software

Clearly read license plates 1920 x 1080 running Visec NVR Software
Megapixel camera 1920 x 1200 running Visec NVR Software
VISEC Software can be set to record all VIDEO activity, or just when motion appears. Visec can email you when it detects motion and even upload all images to different websites. With the Internet, you can connect directly to your personal computer and see in real time, live and historical video. Visec even makes it possible to send out email alerts with surveillance recordings included.

This allows you to remotely whenever and whatever activity your camera captures. Visec utilizes a breakthrough in motion detection technology that incorporates complex and advanced algorithms (without the need of separate sensors) allowing an operator to just record only when motion is detected, saving you time and the cost of continuous recording as in traditional CCTV Systems.




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